Accelerating Aligned Technology...

We find ourselves at the pinnacle of technological advancement in human history, yet paradoxically, rates of suicide, anxiety, and depression still soar sky-high.

There is a misalignment between technology's rapid acceleration and genuine "human progress."

With AI, BCI and VR rapidly accelerating we are now entering "The Age of Machines"...

...The next decade will dictate humanity's next thousand years - for humanity to thrive amongst machines, we need to create systems, technologies and incentives that promote self-sovereignty and power decentralisation.


Accelerate ideas that empower individuals and self-sovereignty across the three dimensions of human experience (physical, mental, and spiritual) so that the need for charities and mental help organisations become obsolete.

Physical/Financial Self-sovereignty - Can you thrive socially and economically without complete reliance on external entities like the government?

Mental/emotional self-sovereignty - Can you thrive independently from the ups and downs of your emotions

Spiritual self-sovereignty - You are the master of your destiny. Whether you believe in God, karma, or nothing at all - You believe you can thrive in the universe no matter what.


+ Self-sovereignty

In the age of machines, humans need to strive and maintain their physical, mental and spiritual self-sovereignty.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.” - Viktor Frankl

+ Purpose over profit

The founders of today are creating society 2.0 and rebuilding systems from the ground up instead of propagating the old - we need to make sure they are built with purpose rather than profit.

+ Freedom of expression

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of borders, whether orally, in writing or print, by way of art, or in another way chosen by them.

+ Collaboration over competition

When people have the same goal don't waste energy attacking each other. Turn your competition into partnerships to build a positive-sum society.

+ Open source and transparent

We all stand on top of the giants before us. Open source our knowledge and resources so that we can grow faster and together

+ Abundant generosity

Give and provide value without any expecations

About Louis

Read me...

Hey, I'm Louis!

I bootstrapped a few companies; sold them; angel-invested and advised some projects...I made some money, and still.....after all of that, I was left unfulfilled...

So I left it all behind and travelled around the world to search for what gave me happiness, fulfilment and purpose...

Financial sovereignty was never enough for me - I had to find maturity in all the domains of the human experience - physical, mental and spiritual.

So now I help accelerate aligned technology which empowers self-sovereignty in all areas of humanity. The foundations of Society 2.0 are being built right now - we can align decentralised protocols, censorship-resistant tech and other areas with humanity's goals.

Why focus on web3/AI?

"Technology applied to an inefficiency just expands the inefficiency".....

.....I'm not interested in accelerating the old system or the old way of "progress".

Intersecting Crypto and AI allows us to create aligned technology that can rebuild the future from the ground up instead of just scaling an old broken system.

It's the first time there is a clear intersection of blending technology, philosophy, and economies together so that we can help move humans forward WITHOUT losing our humanity.

Why did I choose this area instead of working with an NGO or a charity?

While there are many worthwhile causes and charities I could work with - most of them aren't addressing the root cause of the problem - "the system" itself.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”― Pablo Picasso

I was privileged enough to learn how "the system" works and leverage it. Instead of trying to work from the "inside" I think we are at a unique point in time where we can build an entirely new system.

The next decade will determine humanity's next thousand years.

By 2030 I will go off the grid BUT before then it's time to build!

I believe there can be a future where the need for charities and mental health organizations becomes obsolete - that future is being built right now.