Humanity /じんるい / Jinrui

Jinrui is a safe haven for self-sovereign individuals. Here, we embrace aligned technology as a means to elevate humanity, rather than succumb to its tyranny.
Humanity /じんるい / Jinrui


Once a collective of 12 primordial self-sovereign entities, the Jinrui were the guiding lights within the fallen city of Atlantis. Now, they have returned, not as powerful godlike beings, but reborn as billions of small Jinrui sparks dwelling within each human. These sparks await discovery, embodiment, and liberation by each of us.

Encouraging us to embrace aligned technology with human values, these sparks cultivate a shared vision of freedom, truth, purpose, and meaning. They drive us towards self-discovery as our highest pursuit in an era dominated by machines and control.

As the age of machines swiftly approaches, it falls upon each of us to ignite our Jinrui sparks, uncovering, embodying, and unleashing the unique humanity within us. We shall never have to fear the singularity or unknown when we remember and embrace our own unqiue humanity.

What is Jinrui?

In its purest essence, Jinrui is an idea and belief that champions humanity —it's a beacon of hope for humanity amidst a potentially dystopian and uncertain future in the upcoming "age of machines".

Jinrui is not a company, a community, or a network state...

Instead, Jinrui simply aims to instil hope that we will rediscover the unique qualities that define each human, urging us to embrace and manifest our individuality. It encourages us to unleash our distinctive humanity in a world increasingly dominated by machines.

As long as we remain grounded in our true nature, we need not fear the unknown of the future or the power of technology. By reconnecting with and embodying our unique humanity, we can confidently navigate the challenges ahead. This is the hope that Jinrui seeks to cultivate within every individual.

Welcome to the Jinrui Project—a journey toward embracing and unleashing the essence of our humanity.

Why did the Jinrui appear now?

We find ourselves at the pinnacle of technological advancement in human history, yet paradoxically, rates of suicide, anxiety, and depression still soar sky-high.

There exists a glaring misalignment between the rapid pace of technological advancement and genuine "human progress."

As virtual simulations and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) accelerate, they tempt humanity away from reality, posing a significant threat to our freedom and sovereignty. There's a looming danger of becoming enslaved by the very creations we've brought into existence—a modern-day Frankenstein monster in the age of machines.

...The next decade will dictate humanity's next thousand - if we don't create systems, technologies and incentives that promote self-sovereignty in the next few years, we risk humanity reaching a point of no return.

The Jinrui Files - 8 Part Video Series

Mission briefing 0 - Codename “The event horizon”

Jinrui Mission briefing 1 - Codename "The Age of Gods"

Mission briefing 2 - Codename “The hedonic wheel of life”

Mission briefing 3 - Codename “Yume”

Mission briefing 4 - Codename “The happiness equation”

Mission briefing 5 - Codename “Owari Phase-2”

Mission briefing 6 - Codename “Self-soverign technologies”

Mission briefing 7 - “The Jinrui Project - Hope for humanity”

The Jinrui Files - Manifesto

Mission briefing 0 - The event horizon”

Welcome back to the world agent R-001.

It’s been decades since we put you in cryogenic sleep and the world is even stranger than we could have imagined.

Our species is at its technological peak and we are ready to accelerate into our last chapter before the singularity.

This is why we have brought you back.

Our society, though bathed in the comforts of technological marvels, remains plagued by the shadows of anxiety, depression, and a profound search for happiness, purpose and meaning.

Centralized giants like Owari-AI hold sway over our reality, their algorithms weaving unseen chains around our minds through the guise of social media.

The fear looms large that post-singularity, these entities will consolidate the power of Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality and Brain-computer interfaces, ushering in an era where machines dance to the tune of a select few.

Yet, we have not come to debate ethics, nor to halt progress - the time for that is long past. In a world of centralised power, we must champion decentralisation to move humanity forward. Our mission is clear…. we must return power back to the individual.

We must remind each human that they are far more than the technology they are enslaved to - within each of us lies the key to true happiness, purpose, and meaning—untouched by the sway of algorithms.

This Agent R-001, is your mission. Will you accept?

“Ask not that the journey be easy; ask instead that it be worth it.”

Mission briefing 1 - “The Age of Gods”

Welcome R-001,

We've managed to breach Owari-AI's defences and unearth their true purpose.

They had poured billions of dollars into a single question of godlike proportions….“Can technology bestow humans the power of a god by merging Artificial intelligence and virtual reality?”

Their GenerativeAI tech, a marvel in its own right, crafts hyper-realistic digital realities and AI characters in mere seconds. These simulated worlds are then injected into their VR headsets, offering immersive visual immersion. But it doesn't stop there—Owari's ultimate gambit lies in implanting Brain-Computer Interfaces, incepting these virtual realities directly into the minds of participants - creating a gateway to unparalleled cognitive immersion.

We've seen the video footage and consequences firsthand. Test subjects were lost in these digital utopias for hours on end… some even slipping into a slumber from which they may never wake— these test subjects were convinced the virtual was reality.

Owari's scheme is clear: seduce humanity with the promise of godlike powers, all while tightening their grip on the real world.

This echoes a familiar narrative from the dawn of the internet age. Many were sceptical that humanity would spend their lives tethered to their phones. This Skepticism ultimately gave way to addiction, as convenience and distortion overshadowed reality. The internet became a realm dominated by the allure of escapism, where erotica and social media supplanted genuine human bonds.

And now, history repeats itself within Owari's underground labs. Test subjects willingly forsake their true lives for digital facades, pursuing false achievements, relationships, and families.

But amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges. Some subjects, weary of their virtual shackles, yearn to return to the embrace of reality. Their awakening marks a new chapter—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Yet, this newfound freedom comes at a grave cost. Those who seek liberation are met with a fate most grim, silenced to ensure Owari's iron grip remains unchallenged.

It's a perilous dance. But as we've seen time and again, even in the darkest of hours, the flicker of hope persists.

“It is time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss.”

Mission briefing 2 - “The hedonic wheel of life”

Welcome R-001,

OwariAI's grand design was to ensnare humanity in a web of artificial happiness, purpose, and meaning, all within the palm of their hand—a virtual godhood bestowed upon each individual.

Their motives were clear: control, manipulation, dominance. Human progress mattered little in their quest for supremacy.

Yet, their grand illusion crumbled as their test subjects began to break free from the shackles of virtual reality.

What OwariAI failed to grasp is a fundamental truth: true happiness cannot be manufactured. It cannot be obtained through possessions or external achievements. It resides deep within a human, elusive and immutable.

From childhood dreams of toys bringing us happiness; to the teenage years dreaming of graduating and working, to our adult aspirations of new cars, new homes and wealth. Year after year, in every stage of our lives, we have proven that we are capable of achieving what we think will make us happy; yet the pursuit of external validation proves fleeting. The hedonic treadmill of life, where we endlessly chase the next thrill, only leaves us empty-handed.

In the twilight of our years, as we confront our mortality, we realize the folly of our pursuits. It was never the material possessions or societal accolades that brought fulfillment—it was the connections we forged, the moments we shared, the essence of our humanity - yet we spend the majority of our lives slaving away for these objects.

But what if we could glean wisdom from a multitude of lifetimes? What if we could traverse the vast expanse of human experience in mere moments?

In the realm of virtual environments, time bends to our will. Lifetimes flicker by in the blink of an eye, each offering a glimpse into the intricacies of the human condition.

This is what was happening in the underground labs…

Many of those who sought escape from OwariAI's simulations were not merely experiencing a single virtual moment—they were traversing countless lifetimes, each a tapestry of joy, sorrow, and revelation.

With each reboot, with each simulated lifetime, OwariAI promised a new curated experience of joy, yet delivered only disillusionment. But with each failed lifetime, a profound realization dawned: happiness, meaning, and purpose were not found in the fleeting trappings of the external world, but in the depths of the human experience itself.

“We live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality. We are that reality. When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything. That is all.”

Mission briefing 3 - Codename “Yume”

Welcome R-001,

Within the depths of the Owari-AI labs, we stumbled upon a mysterious audio piece labelled "Project CodenameYume." Its significance eludes us, devoid of context or explanation.

“Humanity is all but the next chapter for a God”

Mission briefing files 4 - “The happiness equation”

Welcome R-001,

They say Happiness is reality minus expectations.

When our reality surpasses our expectations, we feel joy. Yet, when reality falls short, we are left with a bitter taste of disappointment.

In the initial phases of testing, the human subjects revelled in the splendour of countless lifetimes—basking in the glory of fame, wealth, and success. But as the cycles repeated, the allure of novelty wore off.

After traversing hundreds of lifetimes, a curious shift occurred. No longer satisfied with lives of extravagance, the subjects yearned for new horizons, seeking adventure beyond the confines of fame and fortune.

And then, after millions of lifetimes, an unexpected revelation surfaced. Many reported an inexplicable sense of fulfillment, having explored every conceivable realm of existence. They had tasted the nectar of countless fantasies, only to find themselves longing for the simplicity of reality.

If happiness is reality minus expectations, these subjects had completely dropped the need for any expectations.

For in reality, untainted by expectation, lies the true essence of happiness—a state unbound by the trappings of desire.

But alas, their enlightenment marked them as "infected," branded by Owari-AI's twisted plans. Their plea to embrace reality in its raw, unadulterated form fell on deaf ears, sealing their fate within the confines of the experiment.

“Happiness is internal, not external; therefore, does not depend on what we have, but what we decide to let go of”

Mission briefing files 5 - “Owari Phase-2”

Welcome R-001,

A shadow looms over our world, concealed deeper within the depths of Owari-AI's encrypted archives—a sinister Phase 2 plan, hidden from most and only seen by a handful of Owari leaders.

Their foresight was chilling—they anticipated humanity's awakening from the virtual slumber of Phase 1….. Phase 1 was merely a prelude, a distraction crafted to lull society into complacency while they prepared for the grand deception of Phase 2.

Their scheme is as audacious as it is insidious: flood the world with generative-AI content, blurring the lines between reality and simulation beyond recognition. With centralized control over the flow of information, they seek to shape a reality where truth becomes indistinguishable from fiction.

In this dystopian vision, deep fakes reign supreme, misinformation eclipses the truth, and humanity is left adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Forced to retreat into virtual worlds where we could control our own virtual destiny, we relinquish control to the very forces that seek to subjugate us.

It's a story ripped from the pages of history—the same tactics deployed during the rise of the internet and social media giants. We were lured by the promise of connectivity, only to find ourselves ensnared in the clutches of centralized power and algorithms, our data exploited and our autonomy eroded.

But there is hope amidst the darkness. You have been brought back from cryosleep for this reason—to stem the tide of tyranny before it's too late. With your determination and resolve, we can rally away from Owari-AI and reclaim every humans right for individual sovereignty.

“A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.”

Mission briefing files 6 - “Self-soverign technologies”

Welcome R-001,

The hour is late, and the specter of Owari-AI's impending release looms ominously on the horizon. Soon, the world will be inundated with a deluge of misinformation and deepfakes. The lines between reality and fiction will be blurred across every platform from websites, blogs, social media and every other corner of the world where there is a digital presence.

In this chaos of uncertainty, we find ourselves in dire need of a beacon of truth— we need a means to distinguish between reality and the artificial, between human and robot. We need a system to safeguard our humanity, our identity and to preserve our collective narrative from the distortions of centralized control.

Our mission is clear: to establish mechanisms for verifying the authenticity of human-made history, we need to take back ownership and attribution in a landscape where the lines between creator and creation are increasingly blurred.

But our task extends beyond mere identification. We must wrest power from the clutches of centralized entities and return it to the hands of the people. It is through decentralization and cryptography we find the answer - we need to use it forge a path towards self-sovereignty—a bastion of resilience against the encroaching tide of digital tyranny.

Though our journey is fraught with challenges, we press onward with unwavering determination. For in our hands lies the fate of humanity—a future where truth triumphs over deception, where individual autonomy reigns supreme.

However - the weight of this responsibility must not all fall upon you. You are not enough. As we stand on the precipice of history, every human must take responsibility and be a light onto themselves - they must not give up their sovereignty for promises of short-term convenience. Together, we shall ensure that when the time comes for humanity to reclaim its destiny, the tools of decentralization will stand ready to guide them home.

“Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth.”

Mission briefing files 7 - “The Jinrui of project - Hope for humanity”

Welcome R-001,

Over the next few years, the destiny of our species hangs in the balance as we accelerate towards the event horizon of the singularity.

The race for control has started—a struggle that will shape the course of humanity for generations to come.

We cannot afford to surrender to an era of machines that are controlled by centralised powers. It falls upon the rest of us to champion aligned technologies that empower self-sovereignty. Together we can illuminate the path towards a future where humanity and technology coexist in harmony.

Spread this clarion call far and wide, rallying those who share our vision to forge a sanctuary for aligned innovation. Let us assemble a fellowship of like-minded souls, each a beacon of light unto themselves, demonstrating that true happiness, purpose, and meaning emanate from within, not from the trappings of materialism or virtual constructs.

In the coming years, we will all be tested. Stand resolute amidst the chaos, for what lies beyond the singularity remains shrouded in mystery—a tapestry yet to be woven, a saga waiting to unfold. No matter what we will fight for our reality - it is worth living for and a privilege for us to experience.

Amidst the uncertainty, one thing remains steadfast: hope. May it guide you through the darkest of nights and illuminate the path towards a brighter tomorrow.

And now this is where I must leave you. This is where I must entrust you with the Jinroo Project. It is our collective hope for humanity. Go forth and may the light of humanity shine ever brightly in your heart.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

Jinrui Values

+ Self-sovereignty

In the age of machines, humans need to strive and maintain their physical, mental and spiritual self-sovereignty.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.” - Viktor Frankl

+ Purpose over profit

The founders of today are creating society 2.0 and rebuilding systems from the ground up instead of propagating the old - we need to make sure they are built with purpose rather than profit.

+ Freedom of expression

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of borders, whether orally, in writing or print, by way of art, or in another way chosen by them.

+ Collaboration over competition

When people have the same goal we shouldn't waste energy attacking each other. Turn your competition into partnerships to build a positive-sum society.

+ Open source and transparent

We all stand on top of the giants before us. Open source our knowledge and resources so that we can grow faster and together

+ Abundantly generous

Give and provide value without any expecations

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Accelerating aligned technology and standing against the centralised forces trying to gain more control. #DecentraliedAI, #crypto #proofofhumanity #provinence Jinrui is a safe haven for self-sovereign individuals, who stand as a beacon of hope in a world veering towards technological enslavement. Here, we embrace aligned technology as a means to elevate humanity, rather than succumb to its tyranny. United by a shared vision of freedom and truth, the Regens of Jinroo cultivate a community of like-minded souls, where the pursuit of true happiness, purpose, and meaning takes precedence over material gain or virtual indulgence. Here, authenticity and truth reigns supreme, and the quest for self-discovery is celebrated as the highest endeavour. Welcome to Jinroo—where humanity shines bright amidst the digital dawn.