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Reverse engineering your perfect market messaging

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Marketing aims To make selling superfluous – Peter Drucker

No one goes into an Apple store looking to be sold; they already have demand and desire to buy.

Apple has great marketing so every time someone walks into the store it is usually a hole-in-one and there is rarely ever selling needed. The better our marketing is then the less we have to rely on selling.

Real marketing changes belief patterns 

Our current behaviours are dependent on what we believe. 

The reason your market is not buying right now is because they have a “non-buying” belief about what you offer. Otherwise, they would buy. 

Maybe they don’t know what you do so have no belief in what you do…

Maybe the don’t believe you’re claims…

Maybe they think it’s too much effort to switch to you…

Maybe they think it’s too expensive…

Maybe they think it’s too much effort to switch to you…etc

The reason people are buying product “A” right now is because they have a belief pattern that is conducive to them buying product “A”.

The game of marketing is to take their current beliefs to your desired belief. 

Example Beliefs you must overcome

  1. I don’t have enough time
  2. I don’t have enough money
  3. I don’t believe you
  4. It won’t work for me (this is usually the biggest! Thus proving that you have helped someone stupider, slower, in a worse of situation etc is a great way to do that)
  5. I don’t need it
  6. I can do it without you

Chain of beliefs

Creating a chain of beliefs is about reverse engineering the outcome you want.

It is all about understanding which beliefs people NEED to BELIEVE, REALISE & AGREE to in ADVANCE…

…BEFORE they can ACCEPT the NEED and DESIRE for the product/service being sold. It requires a very DEEP understanding of your market.

“What must my prospect believe in order to make this purchase?”

“What must my prospect believe first, second, third and so on in order to conclude your offer is the best offer of all time?”

“What to they need to realise (ah ha moments)?

What do you NEED TO SAY in order for them to be PRE-sold on what you have down the line? (reframing their POV)

Example - Bitcoin

Example - Eth Staking

Example - Trying to convince someone to move from Detroit to Oklahoma

This is ONLY an EXAMPLE but if you see - It is ONLY at point 4 where we even talk about Oklahoma. Steps 1-4 are all about pre-framing them to choose Oklahoma. 

IMPORTANT: How did you get to the conclusion that the market needs your solution?

I bet it took a certain number of experiences that instil certain beliefs. These beliefs that converted you could have maybe taken decades of experience, reading books, working with clients etc. 

Your market doesn’t have that experience and thus they don’t have the same faith in your product that you do. That is why you need to guide them through chains of beliefs from proof, stories, examples etc in an accelerated way.

It’s a chain of optimal beliefs that your prospects need to accept to embrace your core concept and buy your product.

It's like building out your own choose-your-own-adventure which you have rigged.


STEP 1: Create a list of beliefs that would stop your prospect buying from you (list of objections)

STEP 2: For each of these negative beliefs - create a compelling message to convince them otherwise of this

STEP 3: Create a list of beliefs your prospect needs to believe for them to buy from you (This is what we call the “chain of beliefs”)

STEP 4: For each of these positive beliefs - create a compelling message to convince them of this

STEP 5: Create a list of beliefs that would stop your prospect buying from you

Example “A Marketing Agency trying to sell Facebook ads to a Dental clinic”

The Dental clinic MUST believe the following in order for them to buy from the agency…

  1. They need to believe they need more patients
  2. They need to believe that they need more marketing and awareness
  3. The Internet is a viable marketing medium
  4. Facebook is one of the best internet methods
  5. That Facebook is a viable marketing medium for dentists
  6. Their specific local market can be reached via Facebook
  7. That their local market responds to the Dental offers
  8. Paid advertising beats free marketing via Facebook
  9. That they can do it
  10. etc

Putting it into action

Once you have all your “chain of beliefs” documented and the messaging to support it - you just need to make sure you deliver the message within your marketing BEFORE you ask for the sale.

You can do this across your entire funnel and content - it could be in a single 1:1 phone call with your prospect….or it could be done across multiple blog posts or a combination of both.

Use the chain of beliefs as a checklist to ensure that your marketing and content plan is up to scratch.

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