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SWOT Analysis

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A strategy is only effective if it is relevant to your current circumstances.

NOTE* - Do NOT skip this step - good investors use this to evaluate how a founder thinks. It's less about what you add into the section BUT how you explain WHY you put them in and your logic. It's one of the fastest ways investors can tell if you are a founder who can weather the storms of founder-life

The Aim Of Your SWOT Analysis

The aim of SWOT analysis is to:

  1. Build upon Strengths
  2. Eliminate Weaknesses
  3. Exploit Opportunities
  4. Mitigate the effects of Threats

When you have completed thorough market intelligence and understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as the competitors we must highlight the unique SWOT for our company so we can stand out in the market. 

Example: You might have a layer 2 solution that allows gasless transactions but if all your other competitors have the same then that is not your unique strength. 

Some Questions To Consider Once The SWOT Listings Have Been Compiled

  • Does your company have internal strengths or core competencies a powerful strategy can be built around
  • Does your company weaknesses make your company vulnerable and does it disqualify your company from pursuing industry opportunities? 
  • Which weaknesses does your company need to correct ASAP?
  • Which opportunities does your company have the skills and resources to pursue with a real chance for success?  Which opportunities are the best from your company’s standpoint? (Remember: Opportunity without the means to capture is only an illusion.)
  • What external threats should you be worried most about and what strategic moves need to be made to craft a good defence?

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