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The Lounge Room Test

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A strategy is only effective if it is relevant to your current circumstances.

Stress test your positioning with "The Lounge Room Test"

It’s easy to get into a room with your ideal prospect and have them say nice things about you….BUT then why don't they convert into paying customers?

Very rarely with customers laugh you out of a room. Your biggest obstacle to a sale is apathy and lack of clear differentiation.

The fact is, while you may have a meeting with your prospects 1:1, they aren't just listening to you 1:1. Instead they are evaluating you against every other pitch they have heard.

This is why you MUST force yourself to pretend that you are talking to your prospects as if each of your competitors is in the same room as you.

Enter the lounge room test!

Imagine you are in a lounge room with:

  1. Your perfect target client 
  2. Your top five competitors

Each competitor has thirty seconds to pitch the consumer and win them over.  

What would they say? 

What would you say? 

Would it be compelling for the client to choose you?

Guess what; a majority of the time it won’t be. Too many companies spout out generic slogans such as “we are the best” or “the trusted company”. 

Do you believe those phrases would really compel your ideal client to pick you?

It is so easy to fool yourself into saying that your company attracts the attention of the market, but imagine the lounge room test and see what happens. I want you to really visualize that lounge room; really imagine having your competitors right in front of you; imagine exactly what kind of impact your words would make relative to your competitors.

In today’s economy being better or great is not enough you MUST be unique.

Companies cannot be all things to all people; you must be able to articulate what you are trying to be and what clients you serve.

Being different is better than being better 
– Tom Petters

The Harvard Business Review reports, there is a 370% greater chance of profitable success for a new product or service offerings that are unique versus just being copycat offerings.

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