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Growth funnel: Part 4 - "Tofu, Mofu, Bofu"

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Tofu, Mofu, Bofu

TOFU: Top of the funnel

TOFU is the awareness stage where you have your widest and most general audience—you’re trying to attract a large pool of people who have a problem and are looking for more information about what that problem might be.

TOFU content should be mostly educational and shouldn't come off too “spammy”. The buyer simply isn’t ready for one at this point, as many are still trying to fully understand what problem they have. So many times you might might not even mention your company or product. Just provide helpful information for their question or pain point.

Here are some ideas for appropriate TOFU content types:

  • Social media: Know what channels your buyers are on and focus your efforts accordingly.
  • Podcast: offer a short form or long form video that grabs the attention of your ideal user
  • Infographic: Offer a visual format to help buyers understand the problem or question they’re facing.
  • Blog: Do your keyword research to create an overview blog post about a certain problem or pain point that is easily found by buyers.
  • Video: Videos should be short at this stage and should just address the problem, not your solution.
  • Quiz: Learn more about your buyer by asking questions about the problem they’re facing.
  • E-book/whitepaper: Create a more in-depth piece on the problem your buyer faces.

MOFU: Middle of the funnel

Many consider this to be the most critical stage of the funnel because now you have a variety of interested leads whom you need to qualify. 

Anyone in the MOFU category may now be in your circle of influence - wether they have like a tweet, followed you, watched a podcast etc.

Here are some ideas for MOFU content:

  • Blog: Answer a specific question that relates directly to your product or service.
  • Case study: Help buyers see your product or service in action by demonstrating the benefits it has provided another company.
  • Whitepaper: Include detailed information on a topic to establish why your solution is the best option.
  • Webinar: Provide training on a topic, and be sure to leave time for questions.
  • Email drip: Create a flow of nurturing emails offering content specific to the buyer. (Pro tip: You can use Lucidchart to map out your email nurture flow.)
  • Guide/How-to content: Offer step-by-step instructions on how to solve a problem.
  • Template: Let buyers see for themselves how your product or service can solve their problem.
  • Comparisons: Compare solutions, not vendors, at this stage.

BOFU: Bottom of the funnel

BOFU is your golden stage. You now have a narrow audience of highly qualified leads who are ready to buy. They’ve done their research and are interested in your product but are likely comparing several other options as well. The right offer can be the nudge they need to make a decision in your favor.

BOFU content should showcase your project, demonstrating how it works, showing off features, and outlining specific benefits customers receive. Now is the time to show how your product or service solves their pain point and beats the competition.

Here are some ideas for BOFU content:

  • Product demo: Let buyers see how your product actually works. Whether on-site or in a video, showcase features and relate them back to benefits, and show how you outperform the competition.
  • Product comparisons: Help buyers understand where your product or service wins by clearly outlining the differences between you and the competitors.
  • Free trial: You don’t know ’til you try. Let buyers test your product out without making a big commitment.
  • Testimonials and case studies: Customer stories are also valuable in this final stage, as they are content that converts and provides third-party validation of your offering.

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