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Growth funnels: Part 0 - Introduction

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Growth funnels are about asking one simple question: “How can we generate a predictable pipeline of customers in the most effective way?”

To further elaborate: What is the sequence and map of how you take a cold prospect and turn them into a buyer AND then how do you turn them into a raving fan AND then how do you turn them into someone who refers your product to others.

Whether it’s a bear or a bull market you will be able to use these fundamentals to always outstrip your competition.

There are many growth funnel frameworks to choose from. The four most powerful ones are:

  1. Pirate metrics “AARRR” framework (linear)
  2. Value journey framework (linear with emphasis on customer emotional experience)
  4. Growth loops (exponential - viral)

We will go through all three briefly to ensure you have all bases covered.

Why do you need a growth funnel instead of just trying to sell your project directly?

IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO HAVE THE BEST PROTOCOL - you cannot just go on the rooftops shouting about your company and expect people to buy. It would be best if you took them in a natural sequence.

A growth funnel or marketing process MUST follow the basic structure of normal, healthy human relationships.

EXAMPLE: Human relationships

Let’s assume you are a single 18-34-year-old in the United States and are looking to get married.

Studies show that 91% of people also want to get married (which means 91% of the market are open to “buy”)

Let’s assume you are great person and that most people in the market would be lucky to have you (you have a great “product”)

So you have a market that wants what you have - what could go wrong?

Let’s say you go to a bar and find someone - and then you ask the following questions.

1.       Are you between 18-34?

2.       Are you married?

If yes to both -  then there is a 91% they should get married to you right?

So if you went and asked everyone that said YES to both for marriage do you think it would work?

What do you think your likelihood of success will be in that scenario?

Not very high right?

It doesn't matter how attractive you are.

It doesn't matter how great your genetics are,

It doesn't matter that you have what “the market wants”....

You need to go through a process of steps to take someone that has never heard of you and ultimately ask them for marriage.

Like buying them a drink, going on a date with them, meeting their parents etc

Just as there is a sequence of steps for human relationships you need to use the same logic when trying to convince your market to use your protocol.

Instead of asking someone to marry you, ask their name first.

This can be seen in the business world with a simple sales funnel



Can I buy you a drink? / Can I get your number?

Lead Magnet

Want to grab a coffee?

Trip Wire "Woffer"

Can  I take you to dinner?

Core offer

Will you marry me?

Profit maximiser

Date night, getaways, flowers, etc

Return path, referrals testimonials 

Skipping a step is in a natural relationship and your funnel is considered abuse!

You must do the right thing in the right order....

If you do the right thing in the WRONG order you still won't succeed.

EXAMPLE >> If you walked into your house and kissed your wife - that would be considered affectionate.....BUT......If you walked up to a stranger that you have never met and kissed her - that would be considered assault. 

There is a distinct but close line between harassment a properly sequenced messaging, this is why understanding the proper steps is so important.

Desmond Morris in his book Intimate Behavior wanted to find out “How does human intimacy happen?”

He found that there are 12 stages of human intimacy

1. Eye to body 

2. Eye to eye 

3. Voice to voice 

4. Hand to hand 

5. Arm to shoulder 

6. Arm to waist/back (a.k.a. hug) 

7. Mouth to mouth 

8. Hand to head 

9. Hand to body 

10. Mouth to body 

11. Hand to ________ 

12. Sex

Key insight 1

If you skipped more than 2 of these the other person perceived the act as abuse!It does matter how fast you get through the 12 as long as they are in order. This is why you can end up sleeping with someone in a few hours without being it called abuse.

Key insight 2
In marketing, If you are unsure about what level you are on and the answer to whether you should ask for the sale is in doubt you’re probably asking too soon.

Key insight 3
Too many times Companies will try and copy another's conversation mechanism and it will fail. They don't realise that it is what happens before the conversion cycle that matters. If you tried to copy the behaviours of a loving and passionate married couple and tried to kiss her without permission on your first date you could get arrested. Or let's say you had 5 dates with a girl before you met her parents - you might think you had done something differently on that fifth date and try to replicate it on your first. It was not what you did on the fifth date in isolation, it was the culmination of the first four dates.

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