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The tale of four customers

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Customers in your market all have the same problem BUT the way they deal with it is different....

The tale of two businessmen

Below is what many consider "The Greatest Sales Letter of All Time." It sold $2 billion worth of Wall St. Journal subscriptions & ran from 1975-2003 with only minor edits.

It is essentially a story of two people [your customers] who have a problem:

  • One decided to take the right action [buy from you]
  • One Didn't [the rest]

Then it goes on to paint the difference between them - it clearly paints a picture of the "heaven" and "hell" states of what happens when they make the right/wrong decision.


Hell and Heaven Island

Imagine two islands. One island has a fire and your prospect is stuck there. Then there is an island where it is heaven for them. The overall goal is to help move that prospect from hell to Heaven Island in the best way usually through your product. While we of course point out the obvious "heaven" - many times we need to clearly spell out how our product helps people "escape hell island" rather than talk about future pleasure. While you should future pace, most of it should talk about escaping their current pain.

The tale of four customers

I want you to explore the different scenarios of the customer when they decide to choose one of the following four options:

Articulate the journey and ultimately the hell and heaven state of....

  1. Articulate the end hell/heaven state of the average customer in the market and what problems arise when they do nothing about their problem
  2. Articulate the end hell/heaven state of the average customer in the market who chooses one of your competitors
  3. Articulate what the BEST's customers do
  4. Articulate the average customer when they buy your product

How to map it out

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