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Your Brand

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room
– Jeff Bezos.

Peter Tiel once said, “YOU HAVE TO BE 10 TIMES BETTER THAN SECOND BEST“....but in a world where technology is easily commoditised it is virtually impossible to be 10x better. So the only thing left is the brand and community. 

*NOTE - obviously, there are outliers but regardless you should always look to leverage your brand opportunity.

The leading companies in the world ARE not unique but just have better brands

Mcdonalds – We sell hamburgers – Is that unique? NO

Google – A search engine – NOT UNIQUE

Apple? - They are mostly a copy-cat company that wraps the technology into a beautifully designed product (in most cases) Most of their products were not the first to market instead they waited for the market to mature - their products are nowhere near 10x OR EVEN 1.2X BETTER THEN NUMBER 2.

Companies can no longer differentiate on features. In a world of infinite supply, BRAND is the only true marketing advantage
– DAVID CANCEL ceo of Drift.com

What is a brand

Don't overcomplicate it!

Think of your brand as a fictional character

Just like a character - a brand has likes, dislikes, personalities and character qualities etc - they have dreams, missions, values!

How to define a compelling character for your brand

Quick hack - The easiest way is to think of another fictional character that could represent your brand and answer

Step 1 - Define the following for the character....

  • What is their vision?
  • What is their mission?
  • What are their values?
  • How do they behave?
  • What beliefs about the world do they hold?

NOTE - most of these questions should already be answered - they should be your company's vision, mission statements etc

Step 2 - Define the tone of voice and personality of the characters

  • Formal vs. Casual
  • Funny vs. Serious
  • Respectful vs. Polarising
  • Enthusiastic vs. Matter-of-Fact
  • Friendly vs. Cold
  • Optimistic vs. pessimist vs. Inspirational vs. authoritative

Step 2 - Define what external inputs influence the character....

  • What are their favourite books?
  • What are their favourite movies?
  • What are their favourite TV shows?
  • What are their favourite sports and sports figures?
  • Favourite bible/religious stories etc
  • etc

Step 3 - Define the core character traits and strengths

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Starting your mass movement

Blair Warren, provides in one sentence the five principles that will empower the user to create a compelling reason for masses of people to take action with.

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