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Channel strategy 1 - Finding your users

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Finding your users

Your job is to find EVERYWHERE your target users hang out and find a way to get your message in front of them.

  1. Where do our users already spend their time throughout the day, month and year
  2. Is there a way to strategically insert ourselves and our message in front of them

Locate Your Users and which channels they use

List where your user's attention goes: 

Finding relevant channels your users use

Types of Channels your TARGET user has eyeballs on

List of specific channels

How to use this channel

Eg. Joint venture with a referral partner to access their customers
Eg. Pay for advertising on Twitter
Eg. Creating strategic content on Twitter 

KOLs and influencers

  • Twitter

  • Reddit

  • Youtube

  • Linkedin

  • Etc

  • Paid influencers

  • Strike partnerships

  • Bring them on as advisors

  • KOL rounds

Newsletters your market is signed up to

  • Milk run

  • etc

  • Build your own newsletter

  • Pay for access to other brands' newsletters 

  • Create partnership 


  • Bankless etc

  • Pay for access to advertise there

  • Create your blog

  • Partner with them

  • Unconventional PR

Groups or communities

  • Praxis

  • etc

  • Pay for access to others

  • Create your own community

  • partner

What social media apps do they use?

  • Twitter

  • Reddit

  • Youtube

  • Linkedin

  • Etc

  • Create organic viral content on these platforms

  • Use paid advertising

What conferences do they attend?

  • Token 2049

  • Breakpoint

  • Network state conference

  • etc

  • Sponsorships

  • Speaking engagements

  • Create an event

  • PR stunts

What Dapps do they use

  • Coinmarketcap

  • Uniswap

  • etc

  • Programmatic ads

  • Partnerships 

  • Vampire attacks

Search (SEM) & (SEO)

  • What keywords do they use

  • Create tailored content to boost SEO

  • Search ads

On-chain marketing

List any keystone on-chain behaviours

  • Eg. “holds x amount of BTC”

  • Eg. “holds xyz NFT’s

  • On-chain messaging

  • Airdrop campaigns

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